2022.2.4(Sat) 23:00 Open
Door 2,500JPY

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Japnese followes English(日本語は英語に続きます)

Guest DJ [Gescu](Sunrise/RO)
Gescu is one of the artists that has grown under Sunrise Booking Agency’s wing. Since joining Sunrise back in 2007, he has evolved from a young, aspiring DJ to one of the constant performers on the Romanian electronic music scene.
While artists such as Ricardo Villaobos, Zip or Thomas Melchior laid early layers for his style, being a member of the new wave of romanian artists means that his musical pattern is drawn from the sounds produced by the local music scene, blended with his pick of international records.
Combining sleek mixing skills with a calm and confident demeanour, Gescu has also proven his versatility as a DJ, versatility that has seen him opening some of Sunrise most important events in Romania, headlining various events abroad or playing long back2back afterhours sets at Sunwaves with fellow romanian artists.

Started DJ career at the age of 17. Based in Tokyo, he moved his base of activities from Tokyo to Berlin in 2007 and started performing live in Europe. Released dozens of 12-inch vinyls from European and U.S. labels, and returned to Japan in 2021 under the influence of Covid-19. Currently active in production and live performances.

Based in Tokyo, he moved to the UK in her early 20s and started organizing parties there.
After returning to Japan, he organizes his own party "BOHEMIAN GROVE" on weekdays, inviting underground artists from Europe, such as Gescu from Sunwaves, Vlada from Arma17 and Julie Marghilano from Sol Asylum.

His play style is mixed with minimal and tech house, and he specializes in selections that suit the time of day and the atmosphere of the floor.

Gescuは、Sunrise Booking Agencyの成長と共に飛躍したアーティストの一人です。
彼のスタイルの基礎はRicardo Villaobos、Zip、Thomas Melchiorといったアーティストの影響を受け、築き上げられました。しかし、現在では、彼と同世代のルーマニアのアーティスト達の影響も受け、ルーマニアンハウス独特のサウンドと、ベルリンやロンドンを中心としたインターナショナルなミニマルハウスシーンのmixにより生み出された、彼独自プレイスタイルを確立しました。
その多才ぶりは、ルーマニアで最も重要なイベントであるSunrise主催イベントのオープニングや、国外イベントのヘッドライナー、同じルーマニア人アーティストであるArapをはじめとするSunwaves festivalの長時間に及ぶB2Bなどで証明されています。


帰国後、自身のパーティー“BOHEMIAN GROVE”を平日に開催し、Sunwaves所属のGescu, Arma17所属のVlada, Sol Asylum主宰のJulie Marghilanoなど主にヨーロッパで活躍するアンダーグラウンドDJを招く。