90年代後半にHOUSE MUSICの洗礼を受け、2002年よりDJ活動を始める。
House Musicを軸に、都内のCLUBやBARを中心に活躍中。
また、DISCO DJとしても活躍の場を広げている。


Neri is a HOUSE DJ based in Tokyo, Japan. He started his DJ career after hearing Francois Kevorkian play HOUSE MUSIC at a Tokyo nightclub in the late 1990's.

In the 2000's, he did DJ activities with a focus on HOUSE MUSIC, and in the 2010's he was also widely active as a DJ in disco with a focus on Eurobeat and SOUL FUNK, with a focus on dance music.

The house music party 'North Tokyo Night' that he started with Neri and Taisuke Kurosumi in 2017 in his hometown of North Tokyo has been attracting attention not only locally, but also overseas. It has become an iconic party for him.
Currently, Neri is also DJing at Aoyama Fai, Shinjuku WARP, Shibuya VISION and other major Japanese clubs in Tokyo.