EDM を中心に火曜日を盛り上げるパーティー、PLAY THE BEAT!
ゲストとして迎えるのは、全国へ GUEST アーティストとして活躍し、自身の Original Track は BEAT PORT 上位にチャートインするなど世界基準の実績・実力の持ち主の KENTA と、全国へ GUEST 出演を重ね、変幻自在なプレイスタイルでフロアをロックし若者から人気絶大の FUMI。
彼らを筆頭に平日の火曜日とは思わせない程の盛り上がりを体験できる PLAY THE BEAT に期待しよう!!

We're kicking off PLAY THE BEAT, a dynamic Tuesday party with an EDM focus!
We're throwing the party that the current times and everchanging music scene deserve! Next-generation artists will gather in one spot to offer all electronic music fans wild enthusiasm, excitement, and passion, creating a new era scene afresh! We will greet our guest KENTA, who is active nationwide as a guest artist. His original tracks topped BEATPORT charts and his accomplishments and abilities hit the world standard. On top of national guest performances, FUMI is tremendously popular with young listeners and will rock the floor with phantasmagoric style. They'll start off a show so exciting you won't believe it's Tuesday! Look forward to the experience of PLAY THE BEAT!!!